Integrated Planning and Reporting

Local Government Integrated Planning and Reporting

We believe it is beneficial for councils to treat the process of strategic and operational planning not as a compliance exercise, but as essential to fulfilling the functions for which the entity was established. Integrated organisational planning recognises that planning for the delivery of public services is holistic in nature, is driven by the needs of the community and requires an end-to-end approach that embeds the strategic aims of the entity into the planning, reporting and forecasting processes.

Time to review your IPR documents and develop new plans but are short on appropriately skilled resources? Two Crows can help your council produce high quality IPR documents that are based on strong community consultation and focused on delivering tangible outcomes.

We can also help with undertaking independent mid term reviews which are based on evidence using public policy evaluation techniques as well as measuring public feedback.

Engagement with the community can be undertaken via a range of mediums:

  • Broad or targeted community surveying online, mail, in person or via phone
  • Roadshows and workshops
  • Public meetings
  • Polling