Grant and funding application reviews

Boost your funding bid

With an ever decreasing pool of money to go around, government funding is becoming harder and hard win and is becoming more competitive.

At Two Crows, we have extensive knowledge of government and how bureaucrats review funding applications and the key elements they go looking for in order to recommend your project for approval.

Our grant review services audit your funding application against our understanding of government priorities, such as election commitments and State Priorities. Following our analysis, we provide you with a report and recommendations on how to strengthen your application to increase the chances of your project being funded.

Some examples of our success

  • $3,500 from NSW Department of Industry to the Gundagai Regional Enhancement Group for funding promotional banners in the main street
  • $10,000 sponsorship from the NSW Premier for the 2012 Tremendous Trek
  • $2,000 sponsorship from the NSW Premier for the Gundagai Community Choir