Competition in evolving communications markets

Towards the end of 2016, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission released an issues paper seeking views on competition in evolving communications markets. This issues paper was in the lead up to the Mobile Roaming Declaration Inquiry, in which Two Crows has an interest, and is concerned about the impact mobile roaming could have on network infrastructure investment in regional Australia.

Further to our post on writing successful submissions, we have provided a copy of our submission to the Communications Market Study team below.

US & Australia – The Minds of Electors

In the period of June 30, to July 2, 2016, Two Crows undertook a survey to assist with a research piece currently being undertaken by a student at the University of Columbia.

The survey conducted over three days was open to any member of the public who had access to a web browser at the time. The survey was limited to 19 questions, which were primarily focused on the 2016 US Presidential election and the 2016 Australian federal election.

The purpose of the survey was to gain an insight, somewhat limited, into the minds and attitudes of Australian electors and the reasons for their level of engagement in both campaigns. A full list of the survey findings can be downloaded below.



of respondents conisdered it part of their civic duty to always cast a valid informed vote, even if they had the choice to vote or not.


of respondents said a vision was 'unlikely' to influence their vote


of respondents were equally engaged in both the 2016 US Presidential election and 2016 Australian ferderal election campaigns